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I just bought some of the post-it tape in white- very nice!


Must find this Post it tape around here - must have!

Erin Perry

Wasn't that video marvelous? Inspiring and poignant. What struck me most was the line that said "in 1929 there were 42 letter press stores and 19 paper stores in Los Angeles and now there's just one of each." In LA? We're not talking Podunk, Anystate, USA - this is one of the biggest cities in the country and only one paper store - for shame.

Marylinn Kelly

GET OUT! Post It tape, nothing wrong with The Hoffman Report and the Vimeo! Can you hear me screaming all the way in Colorado? Of course I have lifted it to share on my blog. These are my people, these are the materials and processes of my growing up. That they exist in spite of every modern thing that would have them extinct is, by my definition, a miracle. Thank you and Mary Ann so much. xo


Yo! That tape makes my mouth water!

Yes, MAM's class was outstanding. After two swaps, and a road trip, I can actually get my travel journal assembled. Everything's picked out! Going to maui with it. And she has the bestest videos!! I'm buying local, you can bet on that.

I MUST read the Hoffman Report! sign me up!


As always, on the cutting edge. I hadn't seen that tape. But I know I will get some soon. And thanks for the to watch it now.


spending my morning with you...catching up.

love love

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