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Julie Prichard

well well...look at all the space you have now for more tape. :)

michelle ward

Brilliant! Two clever minds at work. Love it. Want it.
Ta-Da indeed! Thanks for sharing with the team Lisa.
Now I have my thinking cap on....wondering where I can fit
something like that to hold my packing tapes. Can you
believe I do not have one roll of washi?

Kathy McCreedy

Julie, I think it's fab... and I'm quite envious!!! Could you send Paul over to help me out?!? :D I LOVE that you now have so much functional space... part of the issue was actually putting it out there and asking for help, right? I don't know about you, but I find that's one of the hardest things for me to do. Enjoy your new space, girlfriend! Happy New Year!!!

Fran Meneley

That is AWESOME! It's so great to SEE all the tapes. Lovely and Amazing. A Paul is a great thing to have around. Well done! xoxox


Does Paul work the East Coast? How I'd love to have him bring my design for an art corner to life! What he did here was fabulous! Nothing like having everything organized and ready to create. Wish I had the time to turn some to-dos into ta-das but I'm still doing freelance work nights and weekends after the day job to make ends meet. I will just have to live vicariously. Thanks for the virtual thrill, my friend, and a very Happy New Year to you!


That is absolutely brilliant. An amazing and functional use of space. Well done and ta da!

Suzie Cross

Such a fabulous "Ta Da"! How wonderful that you now have a more functional space on that wall; gotta love it!


That's F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C! I want one too! Definitely a "ta-da"!

Erin  Perry

And as Julie said - room for more tape. So often when we re-organize we forget to leave room for the "ever-growing" stash. This certainly solves your problem!
Erin in Morro Bay

cheryl darrow

Where was the fireplace in your studio? I assume that is your studio. Love that idea. I don't have washi tape but I do have duct tape...and locks of caulk.

Nerissa Alford

WOW, complete love! thanks for sharing. happy 2012 - may it be filled with creativity & more washi tape ;)

jill zaheer

Hey there Lisa- You've gotten lots of Ta das. Think it's time for some ya whos and who knews and voulez vous come to New york to play with us east coasters??? We could even fondue - or would just love to have capaccino with you!! Okay, back to the ta das- way to go with organization for the new year! Compliments to Paul for making the wall work for you! hugs and happy new year! xo jilly

Anita Scroggins

Love what you have done - very inspired! I love to be organized :)

Cath S

Brilliant solution, and love that washi tape collection! Haven't tried it, shouldn't try it, might have to try it ;-)


Oh, yeah. This is a TA DA !
What a handy guy!

happy new year


Waht a great idea! How we all need a Paul in our lives too! I love washi tape too but only have a small collection so far. Thanks for sharing.

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