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michelle ward

I posted about this book today too....but not as thoroughly and enthusiastically as you. My friend Nancy sent the book last week and I have been In The Woods eversince. My screen door is not only's unhinged.

Lisa crofts

This book looks beautiful. If you are looking for beautifully illustrated books. Check out Shaun tans books. He is from my home town of perth and he just won an Oscar.

Erin Perry

There are some amazing illustrators doing children's books these days. Anytime you're in a bookstore stop by the kids section and do some browsing. Or, better yet, when you're at your local library.
Erin in Morro Bay

Marylinn Kelly

Oh, whew, you're back. We felt we'd been left to our own devices, trying to discover or determine what is grand in the world around us. Probably no coincidence that you and Michelle both posted about the same book, the same illustrator. Great minds, and all that. xo

linda warlyn

Daniel deserves double posts...and from two of the best artist/bloggers in the business. Opulent and juicey post, Lisa...Thanks! xox

Cindy O'Leary

OMG, I just received this from Amazon, per your recommendation. It's absolutely breathtaking! Thank you so much for introducing Daniel to me--what an incredible artist. Back to my book now... ;)


Always looking for great eye AND creative candy...

My book shelves have openings...

Kathy McCreedy

Very cool post, Lisa, and yes, even better when you factor in the Michelle Ward synchronicity factor! I'd love, love, love to be able to learn to draw like Daniel! His accomplishments are inspiring and somewhat daunting at the same time, at least for me! Hope all is well in CO... hoping to get out there soon and will give you a shout when I know dates! All my best,


forgive my writing this here, but i was on my blog and it's easier to send this little note this way. i just saw EXIT for the third time while painting! and I'm telling you, that thing does something to a person's brain! every scene, I'm thinking, oh yeah, this is put-on. oh, no, that couldn't be on purpose! on and on, until i don't know what the hell's going to happen. And yeah, the elephant really makes me more irritated every time.

you have the greatest book/artist/documentary recommendations! please send the contents of your entire home over certified. thank you.

my doggie's in for a surgery. she'll be fine. i blogged about her first accident (another dog went after her during a walk), and she healed form that, and then three months later, wham--it happened again. I haven't blogged about this one, because the photos were too horrifying, but I tell you, that doggie has nine lives. she's in great shape! just has to have her hernia stitched. oddly enough, however, she doesn't beg to go for walks any more.

happy blogging!


His illustrations are very special. And I could totally get into flipping the pages in that BIG book!


I bought that book
it was love at first sight
still swooning as I savor...

sending spring-ish warm thoughts your way,
xox - eb.

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