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Julie Prichard

This this THIS is how I want to paint...Thank you Lisa!!! What an awesome post!


Amazing work and great guy! I met him at the Santa Fe flea market and his work is fabulous in person too- Raw and wonderful!! When do you want to go?

o l g a

Mmmm, ahhh, YES I like these paintings too!


Wow! I am running over to his sites right now. Wow! New Mexican Basquiat no doubt. Wow!


i really like his work.
thanks for this post, leese.

Fran Meneley

Whoaaaa.....just spent a while with a hot cuppa and his amazing rabbit hole of a website. I love his writing and his miss-pelled words. He has a very unique voice which he is fully engaged with. What a pleasure to see and hear his world, his perceptions, his vantage points. Love the blog title - wish I would have thought of that. I also love that he bypasses the gallery route and sells at Tesuque. Subverting the dominant paradigm all around! Thanks Lisa, this is a rare treat. xo frannie


Thanks so much for more great links. Love this!

Marylinn Kelly

Just keep lobbing those blow-the-hinges-off artists and their work at us and we will never grow (a) old or (b) closed-minded. Who knew?


Thanks for this heads up...what an incredible painter, and writer...I LOVE his work.

But, wait, are you in NM now? If yes, what a beautiful time of year for a drive...

Going to go jump back in..


Lisa, thanks for coming to my blog for a visit. (It's beyond cool when one of my artist-blogging heroes shows up!)

Kelly Moore is appealing to me on so many levels. And I LOVE his blog. A fresh voice when I so badly needed to hear one. Thanks!


Come on down, the weather is fine. And the Market is almost over the season, but i know lots of very cool places beyond the Market, glass graveyard anyone?
Leau from the Land of Enchantment (that's what we like to call dust...)


I've been sending Kelly's postcards out to people for over a year -


The ONLY Kelly Moore I ever knew of - who's the other to whom you refer?

Linda Warlyn

Once again you've expanded my world by bringing something entirely new to me, Lisa. Kelly's work and words are brilliant, what a find and what a great, colorful post. Thanks always! xox

michelle ward

wow - great stuff lisa! i especially enjoy seeing how an artist can have the same signature of style whether on canvas or dimensionally. i never knew kelly was a 'he'.

oh - and clever subject line lisa!!

(if, like sarah, another reader doesn't know the other 'kelly moore' then they'll be amused to know it's a paint company)

kelly snelling

oh ya! i've been a fan of his for a long time now. his work is ever so grand. and his newsletters are quite intoxicating as well. curiouser and curiouser just like his art.

mary ann

you're a regular talent scout, you.
i DIG this other, kelly moore.
hopefully 8 or 9 billion people won't decide to imitate and turn something fabulous and REAL into something trite and tired.
i HATE it when that happens.


And these are even cooler, these surfaces are so rich!

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