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michelle ward

Whew - flashback to the first time I saw this beauty years ago. It is an amazing stamp Lisa - even cooler to know it came right from your clever brain onto the block. Thanks for sharing this with the Crusaders - the stamp and the image are an inspiration!

Cath S

Oh my goodness - that's amazing. I'm stunned that you could just carve it straight from your head! And it's so big. I bet you have used it for all kinds of cool things - I can see so many possibilities.


What a great stamp ! Fabulous !

Julie Molina

Gorgeous! And I love your new blog header too!


awesome; straight from your head??? are you kidding me?? i am impressed. can't wait to give this a try. my elemental beginnings are about to be stepped up with michelle's encouragement.

Fran Meneley

Wow Leese - That is a beauty! You were in the groove that day! How brave and amazing to go straight from your brain to the block. I love it! Love the heads up on the Target jewelry designers too! I'll be heading over there soon to check it out. Who knew? xo


I love it! great work!


Lisa, this is amazing! Can't believe you just did this straight out of your head...incredible!


This is amazing! So, I have many this a lino cut or some kind-a rubber? I am so behind the times here...


Oh Lisa, that is so stunning! I have to go and try a rose now...
Thank you so much for your comment on my blog too.
Kel x


This is fabulous, such a large stamp, I've never thought of making one this big. Thanks for the inspiration.


Beautiful! Something to aspire to, definitely :)

Julie Prichard

WOW Lisa! This is fantastic! I can't believe how big and perfect it is!! Great stamp! :)



yet ANOTHER thing
you make me want to try.


PS--did anyone every tell you what an interesting
*weird brain* you have?

we should all be so creative...


Wow, Lisa, this really reminds me of all the roses I used to doodle when I was in art school. I loved making the layers of petals and your carving is so detailed and roomy. I want a triptych of this on the wall! Not only the impression, the block itself!

Linda Warlyn

I have to second every single comment before mine...WOWSIE!! What a big, lush, beautiful stamp and to think it was all done spontaneously!!! Just AMAZING!
PS Target should put you on it's corporate all the heads up on their great stuff! xox


Your rose stamp is beautiful...and it's BIG! Love it!!! :)


OMG Leese, this is abso gorgeous, I bow to your carvy-ness! The rose is one of my fave images & you've done it full justice!!!
BTW, am going to be in Wyo over the 4th of July, are you gonna be around? I'd love to get together again!!!

Ingrid Dijkers

VERY impressive stamp. And so very nicely done. I really like the larger size. Thanks for sharing it,


I do like your rose very much. It seems to show a feeling of the true essence of a flower! Probably because it came from your soul...

Have a great hair day! Becci

Ursula Clamer

Unbelieveable! That is one fantastic carved stamp, and even more amazing is that you carved it straight out, no transfer! Very Inspiring. Ux

Kim Tedrow

Beautiful work....I love roses (I'm working on one myself)...awesome that it came out w/o a transfer... -Kim

audrey h.

Wow, wow, wow! This is gorgeous and so inspiring.

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