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Michelle Ward

HOLY PEN STASH BATMAN!! Look at all those cool mark-making tools AND the packaging. LOVE your clever-clever attachment of the stuff to the journal cover. Now there's an idea I'll try. Knowing what each bag contains is a talent few possess. I have to be able to see everything....which may explain the state of my studio. Thanks for sharing your sketchbook kit with the Street Team Lisa. What can we bribe you with to see the visual journal kit you teased us with?


You are one organized gal!!!! Look at all those cute little bags.

I'll have to hop over the Michelle's and check out this months challenge...

hang on tight, tonight!


Wow! What a stash. If Freud were here to check out your blog, he would definitely have pens envy!


Love that you coded the pens to the bag they're in!! Fun, fun! Great idea taping the pens to the book too.



Hi Lisa,
great you are joining the Street team with your sketchbook kit, really makes me wondering about your journal kit!!!! Those pens attached on the outside are a clever idea. I think you are the winner of five Grammy aWARD's on this post.

Sharon at Norah'S

I love looking in your basket. And I totally "get" knowing whats in what by the pattern on the case. But I have never seen any of that way cool tape you used> Where have I been?

Julie Prichard

WOW...What a great collection!!! Nice shout out to Ms. Winehouse too...I love this challenge becuase I can see things in other people's "stash" that I have forgotten about from my brings new life to my current collection!


No kidding, pens are the bomb, and def. Sharpies, talk about a revolution! I've stolen many. That tape is fab! How do I get tape like that? I love it that you just taped those pens down, baby, make it work!

I recently got into the basket thing, too.

Thanks for sharin!


I love all your pens! You are a woman after my own heart.


Fantastic post Lisa! I want to come and play in your basket. I have quite a few of the same supplies, great minds think alike!!! Can't wait to check out your other kit!

Jo Anne

Love the cases, and yes the color scheme makes totaly sense to me..I do something similar except mine has to do with certain tins being certain projects, etc.

Thanks for sharing!

audrey h.

Hi Lisa...I have been to your blog many times but never commented so I guess now is a good time to finally say something. First, I always enjoy seeing your art :o) Love all the little bags with all the pens...wowser! I love gel pens and think that I definitely don't have enough after seeing all the color choices you have. And great idea about taping the case to your book.

Lisa Hoffman


Thank you SO much for commenting on my blog and allowing me to get to know you!
I love "meeting" everyone here and try to comment back by email when you stop by to "chat".

Thanks again,
Lisa H.


oh man - where to even start - what an eyeful - love Seth's insightful comment - but it is true - pens envy here - but mainly around the organization - where'd ya get that pretty blk/white patterned tape?

ok - I'm inspired - I'm diggin' out the stash of journals - 30 some years worth - always a little embarrassing tho...

xox - eb.

Linda Warlyn

Leave it to you to have such a cool colorful way of stashing such an array of cool colorful pens. Something I have come to call The Lisa Effect. And that nifty tape and what you did with clever! Thanks for sharing! xox


Sketchbook rehab? We'd meet some pretty cool people there! What a load of pens? Don't think I own that many. The tape trick is neat - must try that...


Oooh...I love peaking into other people's stash and studios. You have ALOT of pens and I'm now experiencing pen envy! And I'm now singing that Amy Winehouse song, thank you very much. ;p I can't seem to find the new Artful Blogging magazine anywhere...I'll have to ask Michelle where she picked up hers. Stampington does such an amazing job with that magazine. It's so vivid, so well done!

Megan Warren

Hi Lisa
Love all the little cases - can't wait to see your visual journaling stash.


Hey Lisa, great ideas for organization! I've got all kinds of those zipper pouches lying around, unused... THANKS!


I am in awe! I cannot get enough of this kit. All those glorious pens in all those glorious colored little pouches; green with envy.....and i just love how you taped(fabulousness all by itself) those gel pens to your book. Awesome i say. Awesome.


hahaha, that's the BEST opening line for this music gal. love amy winehouse and that tune is now in my head!!! :)
you have the coolest pen cases, i'm jealous! and so well organized. great idea, need to look for such.

s. patel

love all the cases!!


What pretty cases you have your pens stashed in! I'm still using baggies. Thanks for mentioning Sharpies. I love them, specially the hard-to-find ones with a thick and thin nib on each end. If you love wide pens, check out some of the offerings at John Neal Booksellers. They specialize in calligraphy supplies and have some very cool stuff. Thanks for sharing your stash. Can't wait to see more!

Tally Oliveau

Like the others, I have a little pen envy - but am still satisfied with my 6-8 colors that I always seem to use. I did notice you have the most magical pens on Earth - those little Japanese Jet Pens. Oh My. I love those and have them in many colors, but couldn't live without the white...

jodi barone

So addicted to the feeling of a new, freshly uncapped marker...the smooth flow of ink...and the white pens feel like cheating on effective and so it sinful?...if so that would explain why I have 20 different varieties in my marker box.
Don't go to rehab...stay out here with the rest of us mad ones and vow to never recover!

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