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Michelle Ward

gah! at first glance, if i didn't know better, i might think you were some kind of witch doctor with all the shrunken heads. but i DO know better and i know it's classic LISA, coming up with new and inventive ways to spin out halloween. crushing on the ghouliest holiday is a very good thing. can't wait to see what's next with that newspaper covered face! thanks for sharing with the team!

Kathleen Chabot

Halloween as your "Crush"! Great! I used to dress up as a witch every year to greet the Trick or Treaters, but now I live in an apartment and don't have any small spooky visitors.
I enjoyed browsing your notebooks and recent work.

Alison Griffiths

can't wait to see the family :-)


you know Lisa - both of my guys have birthdays either side of Halloween - Day of the Dead types - and... we have a "dead zone"... wheeeeeeeee whoooooo hoo - oh yes!
we know/like THIS STUFF!!!!!!!!!

xox - eb.


How did I forget? This summer went to a fantastic Dia de los Muertos exhibit and commited to creating a fantastic table. I will blog about it tonight so my commitment is in stone (poor pun) and get started on my own skulls. Thanks! Your site and your art are great, I will be looking forward to seeing some more Muertos projects. Jodi

Ariel Gill

Ah, Lisa, another Day of the Dead Fan! Very Cool. I've been working on Ms. Skelaton in a "shadow" box. Looking forward to seeing more of your spooky and wonderful stuff.



In my Spanish class the other night we had to share our favorite Festividad...dia de los muertos was mine!!!

I am going to post a new little 'dead' spirit house today.....

Cannot wait to see the family AND would love to borrow one of your skulls??

Fran Meneley

Hi Leese! Wow oh wow!!!! These guys are going to be very coolio! You really shouldn't be doing anything else but working on these guys. Really. Can't wait to see them! xo frannie

Sarah Bowen



Love the Venetian carnival style skull - most interesting combo!

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