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Michelle Ward

lisa, thanks for the introduction to jane. it's a cather-crush. delightful images....especially love that first page with the creature heads on sticks.


love these - thanks for the treat - scared at night...
time for bed...

xox - eb.

Ronni designing fairy

Just stopping by and thought isn't this just lovely? Love books so much and this is very fun and clever.This is a great find. What a fun blog you have!


Hi Lisa, and yes, I LOVE IT ALL! Night is good, because when it's really really late you encounter less of those irritating humans...


Add me to the crush list - for many years, from dolls to rubber stamps. I do always think of Jane's art when Halloween rolls around.


yeah, i am all caught up on your blog...
and boo that i can only see the first entry's photos.

have a wonderful weekend, lovey.


...perfectly lined lips... and love the lady with the sunflower in her pocket, thanks for the intro to a new artist (new to me)...


My favorite is the society of the unseen! Does anyone carry her stamps now? She's fabu, and I don't say that about just any Tom, Dick or Jane!

Lisa Hoffman


I believe that you can still order a Rubber Moon catalog. They are supposed to be creating an updated site to go online very soon.The current online catalog excludes Marylinn Kelly and Jane. I guess that they ran out of space (?) but plan to update the online offering so that you won't have to send in $10 JUST to order your favorite images. I plan to clamor for more of Jane and Marylinn!!!

stephanie them ALL, but my favorite,
is Anna, at night, clearing out those bad seeds!!!


Night is the best time of all! There is nothing in that surrounding blackness to limit one, is there?

Leslie Marsh

How wonderful! And I can totally relate to the title of that mini book!

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