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michelle ward

hey lisa! thanks for joining in the crusade! i've had so much mail art from you it would be a crime not to have you show your coolness with the team. loved your comment...jerseys, got me thinking now. LOVE this mail art masterpiece. you are spreading some serious love with this one....what did the postal people say?

and your flashback to early rubber cool that you were part of the revolution. look what it has become! to think vulcanizing treads on tires led to rubber stamps and then entrepreneurs like yourself, then grass roots movements that sent real mail art, and now online communities that have blown all boundaries of geography for new friendships and the sharing of art over the airwaves.

and yet it's still the best to get real mail....especially when it's embellished LIKE YOURS!


now - this is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wowsa wowsa wowsa


one like this might... just might

want to fly over to Vermont

you know - to cool off a bit?

xox - eb.

ps loved your story

and Michelle's comment

so dear mail art - and me 2 - the 70's -

my hay days (in NE and Ivory Coast)

yes those were the days

and my sweet Gran save the mail art from IC

now that's cool...

xox - again - eb.


I seem to be catching a bug??? Saw all the wonderful stuff at eb's and here....I think I must play....


Consider this "Fan Mail From Some Flounder" at your homage to the early days of stamping and mail art...what took me so long...I was reading Rolling Stone back did I miss the ad? At the least sign of tape in any of your pieces, I always picture your Duct Tape Fairies, gleeful in their pursuit, joining you,Michelle and all practitioners in making the world just all around better and more beautiful.

Mary Ann

SHUT UP%#@@!!!!???**&^%$%???!@@@


Love your mail art story. Great art work!

sharon (glitterangel)

Gorgeous mail art, theres nothing quite like getting 'real' mail. Great story too, no wonder you married him if he owned a rubber stamp company,lol.


Gorgeous mail art!


This is a fabulous piece of mailart ;-)

Michelle Ward

AND..................she scores!






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