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Linda Warlyn

Lisa, I just loved your piece for the zine...the formal baroque-ness of the period and Marie's infamous comment meets a gal with your wit and whimsy and gypsy soul. It made for a totally wonderful combination! I am honored to be part of your beautiful post and especially honored to have been in your company on this delightful project. I couldn't agree more about saluting Lynne and Anahata for the amazing job and all that work. I'll drink to soon as I find some of that nifty Sophia champagne--thanks for the info!


LOVE your take on your entry, fun & gorgeous! And now, I have ONE MORE thing to beg to see IRL when we have our visit! True Colors journals & the Marie zine in my sweaty little hands? It'll be like meeting huge celebrities...and just a word to the wise...if I were you, I'd check my purse before I leave, lol!


what a beautiful post, girlita!


extreme cake = extreme cool

priscilla ladies know how to take a person on a visual vacation...BRAVO!!!


I love the concept and the shells a perfect touch. I have a very large collection of shells so this one speaks to me. Extreme Cake- love it!


Hi Lisa,
Did you know Francis Ford Coppola has a magazine called "AllStory"? It is full of short stories from new and old favorite writers. Each issue has one artist whose work is scattered throughout the issue. I have not seen the magazine of late, I hope it is still available. It is outstanding.

Lisa Hoffman

Thanks for that excellent "tip" Ginny!
Sounds like one for us to track down...
What a wonderful concept. Leave it to the Coppola's, that Mondo-Creative Family!!!

Lisa Hoffman

Denise Fontaine

Wow I have been creating 'Marie" shoes..I have never seen the movie either..I must have been picking up her vibe on my muse radar!!
I do not know how to sew..and have all kinds of whimsy images flowing in my head??! Thank God for a glue gun..Blessings Thank You Denise Massachusetts

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