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August 31, 2009


michelle ward

sarah - thank you for sharing your story with lisa and those of us cozied up by the bonfire.

i love the story of the velvet LOVE seat but i want to hear more! i want to know the secrets she has, the happiness she embraced, the tears she comforted. who sat on her. who fainted on her. who smooched on her. what became of her. more more more!


Me too, Michelle!

Marylinn Kelly

Is it fantastically human or deeply magic, the way our dreams vector down to one material object? What a grand Bonfire offering...imagine us all talking at once, asking Michelle's questions, picturing each step of the day she became yours, only to be released to another. I always think of the pioneers and see the harpsicord (sp?) left, out of necessity, at the side of the trail. Bravo.


The best of the Bonfire. Sarah is an artist with her words as with her images. And much like Sarah...this story draws you in and makes you want even more! Perfect September story Lisa. Thanks!! Love it so much, I added a link to it on the Inspiration Station on the sidebar of my blog!!


Yes, wonderful story with words that just flow and move you to follow the stream of thought. Coming here from seeing you spotlighted in Seth's Inspiration Station. Super Pick!!


Don't you love when just enough is said to pique your curiosity? Mystery is life!

Thanks, Sarah.

caterina giglio

yes, I agree! I want the second chapter please!


Me, too -- please, M'am, may I have some MORE?

Kathleen Sigg

I can just see her dancing red hair!


oh oh! I love her, too!

this is a lovely site too, thank you, Lisa!

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