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December 31, 2008


Linda Warlyn

What a sweet, toasty way to start the new year...a bonfire honeymoon the Spring. It does NOT get any better than that! The photos were wonderful and those handles are gorgeous! With your talent, Erin, I know you'll do something amazing with them (way above and beyond their intended use) that will make every ache and pain of lugging them all over creation worth it. Happy New Year to you and, of course, to you, dear Lisa!


Oh, WHAT a story! And I haven't even taken my wife to Paris yet, but when I do... I'll look out for the never-ending walkathon! When I was in Paris ten years ago, I had a fabulous time walking everywhere, and their metro is a great system! But now... could I walk that much? I don't think so!!

Thank you for a great story, and for lovely photos! A honeymoon in Paris... we haven't had ours, yet, but what better place to have it!


Sounds like you logged many a mile on this adventure. But what a place to walk! Looking forward to seeing how you ultimately use these colorful door handles. Thanks for the story!

Marylinn Kelly

Erin, Sorry for missing your story in January. If it hadn't been for the photo of that hot chocolate, I, too, would have been footsore. What lovely memories, a scarf a day (!), the tiles and the shared sense of enthusiasm for whatever the day might hold. And I can picture your color-filled home in one of my favorite seaside towns. Best wishes to you both.

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