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November 30, 2008


Julie Prichard

Wow. I've missed the Bonfire...and to come back with this... PERFECT...what a great story you two.. Thanks, Lisa Lisa and Thanks, Seth!


What a kind person to go to all that bother to find the owner...and amazing but great that you did. ;-)


Seth, What a great story! How special, for both you and the woman...magical moments for sure.

wonderful shots of the canyon also....

Yay! Lisa, for bringing the Bonfire to light!!


WOW this is so crazy.....My husband and i have started journaling together in the mornings and this has been a key word for us "Synchronicity".
What a beautiful story Seth.....


Seth is not only a wonderful artist and photographer, but a great storyteller as well!!

Marylinn Kelly

A real treat for Bonfire fans as the storytelling resumes with such vivid photos and a seasonal (for all seasons) recounting of the ways in which out steps are led to be instruments of kindness. Lisa and Seth, thank you for the gift.


I got massive tinglies washing all over my body from the part where they entered the church and found it filled with prayers and petitions. This whole story is beautiful, especially because it's true (it IS true, isn't it? I'm new here and have yet to find out about Gypsy Bonfire, which I plan to do right now). Thank you for a wonderful soul-lift!


Great story, and wonderful photos!
The story reminds me of a time when my husband and I took our dogs up to a forest, and we let them swim in the lake. A couple of days later, we realized our dog, Zen, was missing his collar. We looked all over but couldn't find it. Then a day or so later, we got a phone call from a lady who had found it (with his dog tag still attached, with our phone number engraved on it) laying near the lake. Aha! She said she would leave it on a log and we could get it the next time we went up there. A couple of weeks later, we did just that. Sure enough, there was Zen's collar. As we followed the trail back out of the forest, Zen ran ahead. He is a rather large dog so we like to "rein him in" when people are approaching, because he LOOKS intimidating (although he is a giant teddy bear, in reality). We saw a small group of people climbing up the trail, so we said, "Zen, get back here!" And a lady in the group said, "Is THAT Zen?!" And my husband and I looked at each other, like HUH?! Then the lady said, "I'm the lady who found his collar!" And then everything clicked. It was just too cool to meet in person the until-then unknown stranger who bestowed a kind deed upon us. Really tickled us!


Lisa - so happy to see the bonfire stoked up again! Seth - terrific story. Synchronicity is always waiting, and falls upon those who believe. Now tell us....was your prayer left in the church answered yet?




This is a real treat, Lisa. Missed the Bonfire. I read it yesterday and again today. Isn't Seth fabola? Here's the thing: many instances of synchronicity involve will, do they not? And isn't Seth the one, the guy, who goes the extra mile, who pro-actualizes into the heart of synchronicity? yes! But let's not talk about him like he's not here... Seth! You are alert! Attuned! Aware! Responsible! And you are open to synchonicity. That's what I love. You engage, and this story shows that engaging makes a difference in people's lives.
Love it!


GREAT photos, too.


thank you seth and lisa! xxxooo

Fran Meneley

Hey Lisa - Great Bonfire story. Just the kind that I could see myself listening to over a cup of coffee with Seth. A very kind moment on his part must have made a great difference to the photographer. I think those kind moments have ripple effects and his reaching out to her led to other kindnesses he and we will never know about. Renews my faith in humanity. Thanks for such a great story!
xo frannie

Leslie M

What a wonderful story! Thank you both for sharing the tale and the photos. How fortunate for her that it was YOU who found that roll of film.


What a satisfying story!

Linda Warlyn

To read and savor this bonfire story after the holiday mayhem has been on my mind for a month. I am so happy I didn't forget...what a shame to have missed this wonderful tale in words and pictures. Thank you Seth and of course, always, thank you dear Lisa!

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