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October 01, 2007



Thank you for this wonderfully written tale of your time in Africa. It IS hard for us to understand the daily struggle against disease and for basic necessities isn't it?

I admire the fact that you and Linda found a way to bring something of value with you and that this cause continues. I have supported a couple of artist endeavors that assist native women with a craft that brings a sustainable income to them and in one case raises money to fight the EPIDEMIC of AIDS. Monkey Biz and Bead For Life.

I hope Lisa will share more of your photos and images of the paintings you are doing for your upcoming show.

I am also impressed that Linda maintained these wonderful relationships over the years...

thanks again,

Linda Warlyn

I knew from Lisa's preview posts that this was to be a very special bonfire. What an exceptional story and adventure of the heart. The faces in your exquisite photos say everything. I am honored to be here.

Fran Meneley

Wow! What a beautiful story and what a great way for your wife to celebrate her fifty years on this planet. Giving back was the best gift she got I'm sure. It's very touching that her friendships have remained strong for so many years with so much distance. I find that incredibly inspiring. I loved your beautiful photos and those faces are so dear. Thanks for contributing to Gypsy Bonfire, my favorite part of each new month. I look forward to Lisa reporting on your show next year. Fran

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