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Erin Perry

"Every Little Step" - an amazing film about the audition process for the revival of "Chorus Line". Having spent several years on the operatic stage, I can attest that this one does a great job of showing the unparalleled joy and despair - "I hope I get it! I hope I get it! How many people do they need?"
And "The Divan" - the saga of a modern American Jewish woman traveling Eastern Europe looking for her great grandfather's divan that was once slept on a by a famous Rabbi.
Erin in Morro Bay


Must Must MUST sees-

Century of Self

The Power of Nightmares

both by Adam Curtis.


Thin Blue Line


Julie Prichard

Great..this will keep me busy until 2014...


Excellent list, Lisa. I see that two of my faves made the cut: Rivers and Tides and Murderball. And enthusiastic applause for Erin and her suggestion of Every Little Step. I watched it while I was sick and plan to show it to my young thespian and all his thespian pals. It's that good.

Just wish I had this list last week! Ah well, off to Netflix.

Thanks, Leese!


Holy Macarole! wait.

Casseroly Mac!

Whatever. The point is: I thought I'd seen everything. But LOOK at this?!?!!!! I haven't seen almost half of these! Man, am I a documentary slut. I can't WAIT to get this list into my Netflix. I still have three years of dark shadows to watch, but I can intersperse.

George Bush

p.s. Okay, I take it back! I take it back!!


i forgot to tell you two things

I love that graphic at the top of this post.

and i'm never watching Food, Inc.

No! I can't !


Fran Meneley

Wow oh Wow, Lisa - this is soooo great. I've seen some but not all. Will be skipping over to Netflix to add the rest pronto! I would add The Cats of Mirikatani - but all my faves are already on your list - especially Note by Note and Ballet Russes. Keep up the great work, Lisa and Matt, this is at the top of my daily blog check-ins. xo frannie

Fran Meneley

This just in...Our City Dreams....just watched it. Very good. Profile of 5 wonderful women artists in New York City - all but 1 are middle aged - insightful, interesting and inspiring. xo frannie

Marylinn Kelly

I may be a lone voice in this, but seeing how much I loved I'M YOUR MAN, HELVETICA, WORDPLAY and others, IF you enjoy German cinema - gee, and who doesn't? - there are two Werner Herzog documentaries I am a fool for. The first is BURDEN OF DREAMS by Les Blank about the making of FITZCARRALDO and the second is MY BEST FIEND about the realtionship between Herzog and his madman actor/star, Klaus Kinski. You guys have done it again. Signed, A. Lucky Reader

michelle ward

good grief, where have i been, and what have i been missing? luckily we have you to keep us in the loop of cool.

#5, #6, #34 can be crossed off the list. #5 is a FAVE, recommended by Lisa. with her good taste confirmed i will queue up the list. *dashes off to netflix*


Yay! Thank you for the LIST...I have Our City Dreams (Fran) sitting on the living room table right now...

so many wonderful documentaries
so little time

Kudos and bowing deeply for this ever changing blog...

Jill Zaheer

And where do you get your time and energy to do all of this? I want to order some! Please-Send me the form! :)

Linda Warlyn

So many favorites on that great list and I agree with Kelly...Crumb is terrific. And I always get a kick out of Who the #&*% is Jackson Pollack? I'm still not sure if that $5 thrift store find is an authentic Pollack or not. xox

Linda Warlyn

oops...I forgot to mention Valentino The Last Emperor. One of the most amazing love stories ever...


Thank you for this list. I will have to spend some time catching up -- I have only seen 2 of these!


Ooooh, I love me some documentaries, and I see my Netflix queue growing soon!

A few of my favorites:
RIZE (Lisa, go forth and add it to your queue...NOW. Possibly my all-time favorite.)
The Beaches of Agnes
The Gleaners
Paris is Burning
My Kid Could Paint That

Violet Cadburry

LOVE Grey Gardens! Just watched The Beales of Grey Gardens and it is more of the same joie de vivre madness and Edie Jr. has many more uniforms -- that woman was a kick! I'm the same age she was in the film but no way would I appear in a bathing suit for prosperity. I'll be watching some of your suggestions...thanks for separating the timeless from the waste of times.

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