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Marylinn Kelly

A YES vote for the silver ballet slippers - glittered or whispery and serious congratulations on the glittered pink workboots. I bet Gaby loves them.


How fun to read about someone else's love of our glitter paint! Those boots turned out way cool, Lisa. You're the best!




{{ nice color choice, BTW }}


i'm thinking
-----> flip*flops!


Oh, how I love these, let me count the ways!

So it was you who stole my Cool Aunt of the Year Award! Should have figured. Can you imagine women in construction jobs wanting boots like these? And what about those character shoes they sell for young actresses at Payless? Think how easy it would be to match them to a fantasy costume such as in The Wiz or Seussical. Brilliant, Leese, brilliant!

Say . . . I wonder if someone out there makes tricked-out laces to go with these boots? Hmm!


YES. Do it. Because the JCrew flats are too much dinero...That is sure some delicious looking paint!

Erin Perry

So how lucky am I? Married to a wonderful woman who loves me like crazy AND owns Sassy Feet! Love and shoes!
Erin in Morro Bay

Linda Warlyn

Ruby slippers step aside...those boots are spectacular! And the idea about ballet flats in a "whispery" silver... just beautiful, like wearing moonlight. xox

Fran Meneley

Wow, Leese - these look GREAT! What a transformation! Excellent paint job and what a way to make your niece's heart sing. I think you should definitely tackle the flats next. These look the daisy! xo


Get OUT!!

Violet Cadburry

Those are some kick-ass shoes! You have inspired me to renovate my tired to order Sassy Feet:)


Oooooh, Holy Mother of all that is Glittery Goodness! Those rock hard.

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