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Here's my story: Last week one of my brothers visited after a long time apart. I saw my mother and father in him.

It's interesting how, when you see things every day--your own face...the slant of the light on the side of the coffee pot...the stack of books you can't wait to read but haven't quite gotten to...the color of your dog's eyes, which shouldn't be quite that color but they are... you don't notice them. When you get back from a long trip, you walk into the house, and everything's vibrant and in a sense surreal. You forgot it looked like that and made you feel that way.

It's completely natural and even beneficial for us to filter out the mundane in our lives to get on with the work of the right-now. But sometimes, when you look at your brother's face after three years of not seeing him, you crash head-long into the vital.

I recommend it.

Marylinn Kelly

Yesterday I posted on my blog about childhood fears - among them that I would slip through the spaces between the boards on the pier I visited with my grandparents. E-mail from my brother last night told me he had the same fear, different pier where he and our dad went fishing. Not synchronicity perhaps but a strange converging of paths. I never knew. One of the things I have been noticing is how truth (in whatever context) seems to be revealing itself a petal at a time and how one things leads to the next...and the next.


yesterday afternoon
as i was cleaning my mom's spare guest*room
i found--
at the bottom of a stack of old photos--
the July 1976 issue of National Geographic.


i discovered this treasure
on the eve of the 4th of july 2010...

if you visit my blog
you can examine the cover
read the titles of the articles,
such as...

'''The Next Frontier? by Isaac Asimov'''

--->amazing predictions
of Geo. Jetson proportions!

'''This Land of Ours~~
How Are We Using It?'''

--->if only
the world had paid attention
to This Story...
there would have been
no Gulf Oil Disaster....

our world,
our future,
now what.

{{ give me back my clean gulf,
please. }}

good grief!

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